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  Shawn  Stabley                    Vocals & Guitars


















    Jason Kline                           Drums & Harmonies  





          Grant Jenkins   














A Review of the "Celebration Of Sorrow" album, from the German Radio Show Host, Lord Litter: http://www.lordlitter.de/

... love it!!! ... timesless *guitarband*-sound based in *tradition* .. EXCELLENT!! .. it's amoung the best I received this year! ..  airplay AND lotsa personal enjoyment guaranteed!

 A comment posted on You Tube about The Dropzines' video,  Creature Comfort from a listener in the UK


"This song is played virtually on repeat where I work, it's beginning to drive me

slightly insane!!"


One of my favorite bands! *****


I do a weekly independent music podcast called The Great American Music Hour (available on ITunes) and start evey show with an intro recorded for me by The Dropzines.  All their songs are well written and produced pop-rock gems, but I especially love "Sad Tuesday", "What Will My Mary Say", "Creature Comfort" and the instrumental "I'll Take You Downtowne".  Check out this band if you get a chance, you won't be disappointed. 


                             - Jerry Jodice (WRIR 97.1 Richmond, VA)  

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 *Music Videos filmed & edited by Marcus van der Heyden*

              Creature Comfort*           I'll Take You Downtowne*

          Endless Driveway*                    Take That Now!*

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"I'll Take You Downtowne" and "At The Party" are featured in the film, 29 Reasons To Run and are available on the official Soundtrack CD.   




"Creature Comfort" is featured in the Fresh Films movie, 

                           The Super Dupers.   


                     The Dropzines' Radio Promos                  We have gotten  a number of requests lately to do Radio Promos for Radio Stations around the world that have been featuring The Dropzines' Music.  Because they were such a laugh to make and so well received on air, we thought we'd make a few of the funnier promos and outtakes available for you to listen to here:                         (Right Click and "Save Target As" for best results.)                             

              "RED AS A LOBSTER"                 "WHATS FOR TEA"



                         "BACK AT YOU"          "KICK IN THE PANTS"    

      "OUTTAKE 1"                   "OUTTAKE 2"                   "OUTTAKE 3"          

                                     We WanThe Airwaves  


"My Little Red Book" makes the Top 10 on SongVault.fm  


"All Quiets Down" makes #25 in Alternative Finals on SongVault.fm  


The Celebration Of Sorrow album is featured on  Downunda Thunda(Australia)  


"All Quiets Down" airs on Radio Crystal Blue(NYC)  


"Cigarette Sun", "Dinner Pills and Dancing" and "Denmark" air on Starship Overflow(UK)  


 "Cigarette Sun" and "Denmark" air on Alooga Radio(Germany)  


"All Quiets Down" airs on Radio Gets Wild(UK) 


"Playschool Guitar" spends 26 weeks so far on Pitt Radio(USA)  


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The Dropzines’ singer/songwriter/guitarist, Shawn Stabley, has been composing and performing melody-intensive music since he was a teenager.  From 1988 to 1991, Shawn wrote, sang and played bass for the NYC alternative rock group, The Dutch Provos.  In ‘91, Shawn, along with fellow Dutch Provos’ guitarist, founded The Most Sordid Pies.  The Pies, as they became referred to by fans, recorded their debut LP, “Grit & Sunshine,” along side producers John Siket (Sonic Youth, Phish, Yo La Tengo) and Kramer (Shimmy Disc Records), utilizing legendary rock recording facilities, Bearsville and Power Station Studios.  The gritty, yet euphonious acuity of “Grit & Sunshine” would, without a doubt, have gotten The Pies their ”just dessert” had its release not been suddenly halted by the bankruptcy of its label’s parent company, Power Station Records.  Sadly, The Pies would not recover from the harsh turn of events, and “Grit & Sunshine” would never see its release date, as they disbanded in 1995.  

Shortly afterward, Stabley switched from composing and performing his songs on 4-string bass to a 6-string electric guitar, and in 2000 founded the true vehicle for performing his musical compositions, The Dropzines.  Accompanied by the perfect vocal harmonies and dead on percussion accuracy of Jason Kline (York, Pa) and the soulful bass of Grant Jenkins (Baltimore, Md), The Dropzines sound has been described as “The Beatles meets The Sex Pistols” or "The Replacements meets The Standells".  

Jason Kline, The Dropzines’ drummer, grew up in a family with a music room, but no TV.  He took drum lessons for many years from his father, learned to play piano from his mother and taught himself to play guitar.  By 15 he had fashioned his first musical collaboration with a punk influenced band called Youth Alliance.  A few years later this vocalizing harmonist, who grew up with music in his soul, would showcase his talents at venues he had only dreamed of.  Although his early influences were the likes of Buddy Rich and Lars Ulrich, his tastes ranged from punk to alternative before settling into heavy electronica.  In 2000, Jason joined The Dropzines, in part because of the intricate rhythms and meters of Shawn’s writing, but the ear-pleasing harmonies they sing together draw a crowd by themselves!  

As bassist for The Dropzines, Grant Jenkins’ musical experience is second to none.  He started on the bass at the modest age of 15, and has had more than his share of bands with whom to collaborate.  Most notably, he was with The Reputations for five years and Love in 25th Century for three years before joining The Dropzines!  This phenomenal bassist plays anything from four- to seven-string bass, and leaves the crowd begging for more!

With the 2004 release of their 10 song debut, “Between Sheets and Walls” , The Dropzines have gained worldwide attention through continual  Radio airplay and the placement of 3 songs from “Between Sheets and Walls” appearing in the Damon O’Steen directed film, “29 Reasons To Run” and The Samsung Fresh Films 2006 release, “The Super Dupers”.  In addition to “29 Reasons To Run” winning best feature at 4 different Film Festivals in 2006, the soundtrack has won “Best Impact Of Music” at Park City and "Best Music" at the Bare Bones film festivals.  

With a 2nd album, “Celebration Of Sorrow” released, The Dropzines are scheduling tour dates that will include The United States, Holland, Germany, Japan and Australia.

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    Marcus van der Heyden


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                  (2nd Album)                                                (1st Album

         "Celebration Of Sorrow"                      "Between Sheets and Walls" 

          Cigarette Sun                        Sad Tuesday  

        Playschool Guitar                     Creature Comfort                       All Quiets Down                            At The Party 

           Not Surprising                  I'll Take You Downtowne     




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